How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost in Fall River, MA?

Jun 21, 2023 | Window Cleaning

Getting your windows professionally cleaned is certainly a good decision. A deep cleaning session is necessary every once in a while to keep them shining. However, when hiring pros, one of the first things that come into mind is the window cleaning cost.

The cleaning industry here is diverse. With lots of window cleaning companies in Fall River, it makes sense to have an approximate idea of the prices for window cleaning. So that you can make an informed decision for the same.

So, if you are a new consumer wanting to get a cost estimation or a user researching and comparing various window cleaning service costs in Fall River, this blog can help.

Window Cleaning Cost In Fall River – A Short Answer

Although not every service will cost exactly the same, we can provide a general estimation here. So, the cost of window cleaning in Fall River can range anywhere between $159 – $305 with an average being $228.

However, when it comes to window cleaning, like any other service, the final cost depends upon a lot of aspects. To be precise, here are the major factors:

⇒ Number of windows
⇒ Size of windows
⇒ Type of windows
⇒ Height and accessibility
⇒ Complexity of features
⇒ Amount of dirt

Some companies charge by hours, some by window, and some by square footage. It will also depend on the frequency at which you would like it to schedule. It all varies from one service provider to another.

Here are some factors that can affect the overall window cleaning cost for your property.

Factors Affecting The Window Cleaning Cost

⇒ How many windows are to clean?

For the services that charge based on windows, the cost will obviously depend on the number of windows. The more windows you want to clean, the more it will cost you. The national average is $5 per window but can vary based on the size and type.

⇒ How huge are your windows?

The size of the window is also a major deciding factor, especially when the cleaners are charging by square feet. Cleaning a floor-to-ceiling window will be costlier than cleaning a standard, 3×6 feet window. Picture windows are larger and can be priced higher.

⇒ How do you want them cleaned?

Both inside and outside | Inside only | Outside only

It also depends on whether you want it cleaned inside, outside, or both. The majority of the window cleaning service in Fall River will cost you the same price for both sides. However, some may only include exterior in their services.

And you may have to pay around $1 – $4 for the interior side. Exteriors, being tougher to clean, may cost $6 – $13 approximately.

⇒ What kind of windows do you have?

Sliding | Single-hung | Double Hung | Casements | Skylights | Stormwindows

The type of windows is one of the keys and major indicators of window cleaning prices. Different window cleaning types and constructions will require varying amounts of effort/labor. So the prices will slightly differ as per the type and complexity.

The number of panes, sashes, and other details or features it has will decide how easy or tough it would be to clean. And so it will eventually affect the overall cost. From a common double-pane window to complex skylights, the cost has a huge spectrum from $8 – $40.

Additionally, for cleaning window screens or shutters, you may be charged around $5 – $10 extra. Some may also charge $1 extra for tracks and sills.

⇒ How many stories is your property?

One story | Two stories | Three stories or more

The height and accessibility will matter when it comes to properties with multiple stories. Cleaning a window at a higher level will require relative equipment and effort. And so windows in high-rise buildings can be priced higher for cleaning.

For example, hard-to-reach ones on the third or higher floor will be charged around $5 extra.

⇒ What kind of property is yours?

Residence | Business

Commercial windows are significantly different from those in residential properties. So whether you want cleaning for your home windows or those for your office, the cost will again vary.

⇒ How grimy are your windows?

The level of maintenance you provide for your window will decide its condition. If you don’t clean windows regularly or have not deep cleaned them for a while, it will build up grime.

Not only the unclean windows affect your reputation but will also make it tougher for pros to clean. This will increase the costs to clean them thoroughly in addition to the other factors.

Wrapping Up

The cost of window cleaning service in Fall River will vary on many factors mentioned above. However, to know the exact pricing details, you may have to contact a service provider for a free estimate. They can provide you with a free quote based on the specific requirements of your property.

If you are searching for Fall River’s reliable window cleaning service, Atlantic Cleaning Co provides the same for both residential and commercial properties. With 20 years of experience, we are specialized to provide spotless results at competitive prices. Get a free estimate by contacting us today.

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