How to Clean Window Screens?

May 11, 2021 | Window Cleaning

Cleaning off your window screens is a tough task. It becomes difficult to clean numerous amounts of small dust spots. You have to clean it properly because unclean window affects your reputation. But, once you are aware of the right techniques of how to clean window screens, the task becomes easy. So, follow the simple steps mentioned below to shine your window screen again.

Easy Steps To Clean Window Screens

Step 1:

Before starting the cleaning, be ready with a table to lie the window screens on.
Taking out the screens is the best way, if you want to deep clean both sides.

Step 2:

Keep yourself equipped with the following items:

⇒ A towel
⇒ Soft brush
⇒ Sponge
⇒ Soft cloths
⇒ Rubber gloves
⇒ Garden hose
⇒ Vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment
⇒ Dish soap
⇒ Lint brush
⇒ White vinegar

Step 3:

Now we are ready for an actual cleaning process
Lie your screen on a flat surface. Use a lint brush, roll it all over the screen.

Step 4:

If your screen has hard stains and dirt, just a lint brush wouldn’t be enough. Rub using a sponge with dish soap.

Step 5:

After rubbing a sponge, rinse the screen with warm water.

Step 6:

Once the window screen is fully dry, attach them back.

Window Screen Cleaning Hack:

When you clean the windows of your house once a year, then you might need an advanced level of cleaning instructions:

First, prepare a mixture of hot water with soap/white vinegar. Add one tablespoon of vinegar or dish soap for half a gallon of water.

Use a soft brush to clean both sides of the screen.

Now, finally get rid of the residue using a garden hose.

Thinking To Explore Professional Option For Cleaning?

If you get tired of removing hard stains and sticky dirt from your window, then don’t worry. Call an experienced professional at Atlantic Cleaning Co., we promise to give a streak-free shine on your glass windows.

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