Best Traits Of Performing Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning

Aug 20, 2021 | Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs make the room appear beautiful but they are delicate and need proper care. If you do regular cleaning, then its shine can be preserved. While professional oriental rug cleaning is the best way to remove all the dirt and stains from it properly. Look here the best 4 qualities of cleaning oriental rugs.

Top 4 Characteristics Of Doing Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning

1) Professionals Use The Best Dirt And Stain Removal Technique

When you live in an area where there is a lot of foot traffic or dust spread off occurs, vacuuming is the best option. It will remove dirt from the oriental rugs. If the rug size is small, then you can often shake it well which cleans the dry dust and grime from it. Professional cleaners use the targeted stain removal strategies to clean the stains from your rugs. They use the best industry-grade equipment to eradicate stains.

2) Color Bleeding Chances Reduces

Sometimes, if the chemical cleaning agents used to clean the stains of oriental rugs react with the color, then it destroys the look of the rug. Experts first do colorfastness tests before applying any type of cleaner on the rug. This will ensure they do safe and quality cleaning. Also, after washing the rugs, they are dried thoroughly through air movers. Moreover, steam cleaning oriental rugs can remove the toughest stain, so it is not preferable to use any harsh chemicals for stain removal.

3) Use The Best Cleaning Method

Professional rug cleaners use the best cleaning method suitable for your oriental rugs. Along with the latest method, the cleaning tools and solutions are used gently on the rugs for stain removal. Professional oriental rug cleaning will decrease the chance of shrinkage and buckle formation in the rugs. Also, the oriental rug cleaning cost depends on the type of cleaning method and solutions used in it.

4) The Lifespan Of Rug Is Extended

It is obvious that the proper care, maintenance, and regular cleaning will increase the lifespan of your oriental rugs. Professionals not only clean your rugs but also sanitize them properly to avoid the harmful growth of mold or bacteria. Hence, they make your rugs free from dirt, allergens, and bacteria, ensuring to restore their original glory back.

How Often Should Oriental Rugs Be Professionally Cleaned?

It is recommended to clean oriental rugs at least once a year by professionals. If you are living in Fall River, then Atlantic Cleaning Co. gives the best oriental rug cleaning service. Our professionals are well-trained and skilled to apply the latest tools and methods for rug cleaning.

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