Area rugs are the element responsible for increasing the aesthetic value of your home. Thus, you need to clean and maintain your rugs frequently to avoid any kind of damage.

Being big, area rugs cannot be clean in a washing machine. The only way to eliminate dust from an area rug is with steam cleaning. But how to steam clean area rugs?

Here in this blog, we will discuss steps to steam clean rugs and the need to hire professional rug cleaner. Let’s start!

What Do You need To Steam Clean Area Rugs?

Before beginning the steam cleaning process, below are the things you need to look for. It is the best way to clean your rug without using toxic chemicals.

  • Vacuum
  • Steam Machine with Fabric Steamer Attachment
  • Distilled Water

Steps On How To Steam Clean Area Rugs

Step1: Before starting a steam cleaning your dirty area rugs, remove all the furniture or other items from the top of your rug.

Step2: Vacuum your rug thoroughly. This will eliminate all the dirt pollutants and small food particles from the rug surface.

Step3: Take a steam machine and fill the reservoir with distilled water. Adjust the attachment you want to clean your rug.

Step4: Plug in the steam machine, press the turn on the button to heat it. Once the machine is hot, pull the trigger and let the steam out.

Step5: Steam clean your rugs to sanitize and deep clean it. Let the rug dry completely. Enjoy the softness of the rug under your foot.

Wrapping Up

rug cleaning

We hope this blog justifies your question on how to steam clean area rugs well. Still, if you don’t have time to do rug cleaning yourself, then hire a cleaning expert like Atlantic Cleaning Co. For years we have been providing quality rug cleaning services in Fall River, MA.

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