How To Remove Heavy Floor Wax Build Up?

Jun 9, 2021 | Floor Stripping and Waxing

Are you seeing the dull black or brown films on your floor? If so, then it is the sign of wax buildup on the floors. You can observe the floor wax is built easily in the cracks and small crevices of your floor. This may steal the beauty of your floor. Ammonia is a very good cleaning agent that strips the floor wax. Are you thinking of “does ammonia remove floor wax”? Know here the whole process on how to remove heavy floor wax build-up.

Learn The Wonderful Process on How To Remove Heavy Floor Wax Build Up

⇒ Check the floor whether it is releasing the black or brown wax buildup. If so, then you can try to remove it through a kitchen knife. Some floor cleaners contain wax that adds a shine to the floor after cleaning. Mainly, the wax is applied on the floor for its protection against stains. Nowadays, manufacturers avoid the use of wax on floors, because the flooring is already designed with a protective finish.

⇒ If the protective finish or wax on the floors is worn out, then it is important to strip this wax from it.

⇒ First, move all the furniture outside from the room. If it is in the kitchen area, then you need to remove the fridge from it.

⇒ Then, sweep the whole floor or use a vacuum to remove dirt. Mop the floor with clean water thoroughly that eradicates all the stickiness from it.

⇒ Take a 2-gallon bucket filled with warm water and add ½ cup ammonia to it. Now, again mop the whole floor with this ammonia and hot water mixture. Usually, ammonia is strong enough to strip the wax from the floors. Rinse the mop again and again and continue mopping the floor with ammonia water until the waxy film disappears.

⇒ After scrubbing the floor with ammonia water, allow it to dry completely. Also, check the floor that the whole wax has gone away. If the wax still appears, then again apply another fresh coat of ammonia and hot water mixture to the floor.

⇒ Ensure to protect your flooring from dirt and stains, also add a proper wax layer following the manufacturer’s instructions to have a good floor finishing.

Sometimes you may think of the professional floor stripping and waxing cost before hiring it. So, if the wax buildup is heavy and the ammonia process doesn’t work, then call professionals.

Grab Professional Floor Stripping And Waxing Services Today!

You can try the above process for removing wax on your floors. But, to clean heavy floor wax build-up, professional help is needed. Atlantic Cleaning Co. located in Fall River has the best experts that use modern tools and methods to remove wax build-up and regain the original floor shine back.

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