Commercial buildings observe huge foot traffic. That’s why it is important for them to invest in good commercial floor stripping and waxing services. There are many different benefits of floor stripping and waxing service. Also, you get an improved look, zero slippage of people, and no stains and dirt on the floors.

Commercial managers have a budget to follow and therefore need to estimate the price of these services. However, with no knowledge about factors influencing the cost of these services, one cannot calculate an estimated rate properly.

This article discusses all the attributes that add to the cost of commercial floor stripping and waxing services.

Top Factors Affecting Commercial Floor Stripping And Waxing Cost

1. Size of Commercial Building

Size of the commercial building influences the price of floor strip and wax services. As the professionals calculate the cost of the service per square foot. The average cost of this service ranges between 25-70 cents per square foot. Premium services may also charge up to 85 cents per square foot or more.

2. Material Used

The professionals bill the material needed for commercial floor stripping and waxing services to the client. However, the choice of cleaning method depends on the floor type and the condition of the floor. Additionally, extra charges apply in case the client requires any special material or equipment.

3. Labor Charges

To estimate the correct cost of services, one must know the base rate of laborer. Professionals use the base rate to quote their service rate to establish a good profit margin. Therefore, the average cost of labor floor strip and wax varies from $140-$210.

Note: This cost doesn’t include the cost of service per square foot.

4. Location

The greater the distance between them, the more will be the price. It is because the floor care professional has to move large equipment from their office to the site. They include the transportation fees in the service charge, which thus increases the overall cost.

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