Guide For Floor Stripping And Waxing At Home

May 10, 2023 | Floor Stripping and Waxing

Floors, when staying glossy, give an attractive and appealing impression of yours in front of the visitors. A dust-free flooring also maintains the good health of the people living.

Floor stripping and waxing is a way to keep your floors lustrous, fresh, and new. You can hire an expert to execute this, but if you wish to do the task yourself at home, read this blog to learn the techniques of floor stripping and waxing.

Seven Methods for Floor Stripping and Waxing at Home

1. Cleaning The Place

Clean the affected area. Remove the furniture or any obstacle coming your way. Once removed, sweep the site and see that nothing remains stuck onto the floor.

Gather all the required tools and solutions which you will be using for stripping and waxing. You can remove the dirt and debris with the help of the vacuuming process. Cleaning everything well allows the solutions to move quickly into the floors.

2. Stripping The Floor

Apply the stripper to the floor in different sections and follow the instructions to use it carefully. Before applying it, make the dilute solution to avoid any damage. If the floor gets discolored, it is because of the high concentration of the stripper or choosing the wrong one.

Thus, always dilute the stripping solution with water and apply it to the floor. Remember to perform a small test of the solution in a not-so-visible corner of the flooring.

Stripping on the floor depends on the type of scrubs used for cleaning. Use a scrub brush to let the stripper move into the floor. Wear masks, gloves, and eyewear to protect yourself from harm to your health.

3. Sealing

Once you complete the stripping process, fill up the pores, holes, cracks, etc., on the flooring. You should apply two coats of top-quality sealant to the current flooring.

It is because you will be able to seal up the tiny pores, multiple cores, etc. It is necessary to do so, as everything gets covered and completely sealed, and if not done, then performing further processes goes in vain.

4. Scrubbing

To remove heavy floor wax build-up, make sure you scrub the floor gently. You can do it manually or with an electric floor scrubber. When you pay close attention to the corners and edges, they look duller than the rest of the area.

These areas absorb more dirt compared to the rest that needs to be removed by scrubbing. As those areas revive less traffic, they build up wax. The use of a scrubbing pad is to eliminate the materials. Scrub off the old wax.

5. Rinse and Dry

Mop the entire area with the neutralizer and clean water. Neutralizer helps to bring the floor to a neutral state and changes the nature of the stripping solution. Use the floor squeeze method to remove the excess wax from the floor.

Rinse the floor and remove all the residues or strippers from the floor. You can use a wet or dry vacuum to collect all the residues. After rinsing the floor, let it dry thoroughly, and after that, apply the floor wax.

Use large fans to dry the floor. Air-drying might take 30 minutes or more (depending on the humidity) time to dry.

6. Waxing

Apply wax to the floor after it is completely dried. Waxing provides a great shine to the floor and protects it from contaminants. Use a clean mop to apply the thin coats of wax to the floor.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and act accordingly. Put the quantity of wax mentioned and give the amount of time to dry. You can apply as many coats as you want.

If you are willing to apply solid wax, take a clean cloth and knife to remove the wax on the floor. And if you want to use liquid wax, drop a teaspoon of it on a little area of the floor and spread it with the mop. Let the coats dry later.

7. Buffing The Floor

Buffing the floor refers to giving a final touch to the floor. After waxing, when the floor dries completely, execute buffing. Buffing removes the dust and brings shine. It reduces scratches and eliminates wax leftovers.

Before buffing the floor, do a quick test in the corner of a room. Use a buffing machine or a soft cloth to buff the floor in a circular motion. After buffing, avoid walking on the floor or shifting the furniture back to its original place for a couple of hours.

Hire a Professional Service

After trying all the steps for floor stripping and waxing, you might get unsatisfactory results or damage the floor. Thus, you should hire an expert.

The reason for hiring a professional floor waxing service is that it gives your flooring a captivating shiny look and, in turn, also saves you money.

Book an appointment with Atlantic Cleaning of Fall River, MA, or give a call at (508) 676-9084. Our trained professionals will use the best floor stripping and waxing chemicals and effectively restore the lost luster from your flooring.

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