Every homeowner dreams of having clean and shiny floors all year long. However, even though regular vacuuming is essential, you might have noticed your flooring has gotten decolorized in certain areas.

The problem with only vacuuming these floors is that it is not possible to restore their original luster. Thus, you need to conduct floor stripping and waxing at home. In this process, the old wax finish is removed and a fresh coat of wax is added to the flooring.

Steps For Stripping And Waxing Floors

1.Clean The Floor

Before you begin the process, you need a clean canvas. So, the first step is to clean the affected area that needs to be treated. Move all the furniture away from the area that you need to clean and sweep it clean. Now, you can move on to the next step.

2.Choose A Dilute Stripping Solution

For floor stripping and waxing at home, you need to find a cleaning solution that is not too harsh. To check if the stripping solution, you chose is safe for your flooring, do a patch test. Locate an area that is not easily visible to the naked eye. If you notice decolorization, then you might have to dilute the solution further.

3.Use A Floor Scrubber

To remove heavy floor wax build-up, make sure you scrub the floor gently. You can do it manually or with an electric floor scrubber. When you pay close attention to the corners, you notice they look duller than the rest of the area. The reason for this is that over time, these areas absorb more dirt compared to the rest.

4.Remove The Excess Wax

Once you are done with the floor scrubbing process, you need to remove the excess wax from the floor. This can be done with the floor squeeze method. In this, you use a wet/dry vacuum to collect any leftover wax from the floor.

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