Reinvent Your Office Look With Commercial Floor Stripping Services

Dec 10, 2020 | Floor Stripping and Waxing

Your office floors may have lost the luster. It’s time to revive them and bring back the office to life. The heavy foot traffic usually leads to wear and tear on the floors. This gives a dull look and the need to restore back the beauty.

Stripping is an essential part of floor maintenance. Often waxing is done to keep the floor clean. But over time the dust spoils the shine and quality of the floor. To regain the condition requires commercial floor stripping services.

Understanding The System

A complete procedure is followed to bring back your floors. Having knowledge about the floor stripping and waxing process will be beneficial. This will help you follow the activities under your watch.

Starting from removing the dirt layer, stripping the previous wax coat, applying the stripper coat, and finally floor waxing. The steps are better performed by a professional.

Commercial Floor Stripping Fall RiverCommercial Floor Maintenance

With the heavy foot traffic, the commercial floors should be maintained properly. A maintenance program helps in regular monitoring of the process. You can extend the time gap between the wax strip and full stripping by having a schedule.

Have the floors machine scrubbed, the required number of fresh coats of wax and buffing every quarter of the year. This will enhance the longevity of the floors and reduce the frequent stripping.

You should consider the factors influencing the budget before commencing the task. The commercial floor stripping and waxing cost depends on several reasons and can be planned as per the needs of the commercial area.

Expert Commercial Floor Stripping Services in Fall River!

The commercial floor stripping services are not a chance taker. For this reason, once the floor is done improperly, the repair work can be a colossal task.

Atlantic Cleaning Co. has over 20 years of experience in providing the best quality professional waxing and stripping services in Fall River, MA.

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