Which Is The Best Way To Remove Construction Dust From Tile Flooring?

Oct 7, 2021 | Post Construction Cleaning

It is impossible to have a clean home while undergoing construction. However, if you don’t clean as you go, you might unknowingly gather a lot of dust. Thus, the best way to remove construction dust is to mop the floors regularly at the end of each day.

While dealing with more time-sensitive stains like concrete, you need to be quick in cleaning. The reason for this is that, if the concrete sets, it will be more difficult to clean your flooring. So, read here the thorough process to remove post-construction dust in your house.

4 Step Process To Remove Construction Dust From Tile Floors

1) Gather The Material

Before you start cleaning, make sure to gather all the post construction cleaning tools ready. Things like an air filter, dryer sheets, a broom, a tape and the essentials, a vacuum cleaner, and a mop. For an extensive list of other tools, check out the post construction cleaning checklist of 2021.

2) Replace The Air Filters

Your air filters are responsible for trapping dust, while you clean so that it doesn’t spread polluted air in the house. Thus, you need to make sure your air filters are not clogged with previous residue dust. Check on your filters often, especially when construction is ongoing. Replace them again once construction is complete.

3) Dust The Walls

The reason you need to dust your walls is that when aggravated, the dust will get accumulated on your floors. So, to clean the walls, use a soft damp towel. This will help you collect the dust and wipe it away efficiently. For surfaces that are difficult to reach, wrap a towel at the end of your broom and secure it with tape.

Although, if you recently got your walls painted, avoid using anything damp on the surface, as that will ruin the paint. You need to wait around 30 days for the walls to dry completely before cleaning them.

4) Mop The Floor Thoroughly

During construction, it is impossible to not get tile dust everywhere. The only way to combat this is to vacuum and mop the floors regularly until construction is going on. Make sure to use a mop cleaner that is compatible with your tiles so that it won’t damage or stain your flooring.

What Is The Best Way To Clean Up Concrete Dust?

Cleaning up the concrete dust from the tiles as soon as possible is the only way to keep it in check. As if you delay cleaning it, the cement will set, making it difficult to remove. Make a thick paste by mixing equal parts of water and vinegar. The acid in the vinegar will effectively remove the cement.

Although if your tiles are sensitive to vinegar, you risk damaging their surface. Thus, the benefit of hiring post construction clean-up service is that they have the right products for the job. We at Atlantic Cleaning Services of Fall River, MA are your one-stop destination for all types of your post-construction cleaning requirements. We offer top-rated services at affordable prices.

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