Everyone cleans their house by vacuuming and mopping it daily. But, what about cleaning the windows? You may be neglecting it. Do you know that dirty windows are one of the reasons to spread an unhealthy atmosphere in the house?

Moreover, if you are cleaning the windows with a newspaper or water, then only the surface dirt is removed. To kill the microorganisms or stubborn stains, a professional approach is needed. Thus, learn here the best tips for hiring a professional window cleaning service.

5 Smart Tips To Hire A Professional Window Cleaning Service

1) Check The Valid Licensing Of Contractor

As the licenses issued by the government expire annually, first check that the contractor has a valid license with him. Also, being a homeowner, you can legally request to see the licensing of any professional working on your property.

2) Look Their Insurance Policy

Generally, cleaning the windows is harmless until it involves skyscraper window cleaning. As an owner, you must get safety against any injury and damage done to your property while cleaning. So, look for a company that covers all these things in their insurance policies.

3) Must Follow Safety Measures While Cleaning

Sometimes, there might occur potential hazards while window cleaning that may harm you or a professional. So, it is important that your cleaning company follow all safety precautions properly.

4) Make Sure They Are Skilled And Experienced

Any professional window cleaning company you hire should have the best skills and experience to handle stubborn stains and grime removal from the window glass. Thus, ask all your doubts about their cleaning method, products and tools used, etc. before hiring any individual. This will help you to avoid fake cleaners.

5) Read Google Reviews

A reputed cleaning company will have the best references and google reviews from their happy customers. So, read their reviews and experiences of previous clients to ensure their cleaning level. You can check their social media platforms for more clarity.

What Is An Ideal Way To Clean Windows Outside?

An ideal solution for cleaning outside windows is to spray a streak-free window cleaner on the stains and dust. Then, wipe them with the help of a microfiber cloth properly. Apart from this, you can also try the DIY trick, i.e. mix white vinegar, water, and a dishwashing detergent in a bucket. Apply this mixture on the window glass and then scrub with a sponge. Rinse with water thoroughly.

However, you cannot restore the streak-free shine like a professional in your windows back. So, we at Atlantic Cleaning Co. offer the finest window cleaning service at the Fall River location. Our professionals are experienced and skilled to clean high rise windows with the best tools and methods.