What Are the Phases of Post Construction Cleaning?

Aug 24, 2022 | Post Construction Cleaning

Whether it’s a newly constructed building or a renovation project, hiring post-construction cleaning services is essential. Without these services, it’ll be harder for you to occupy your property. Construction waste comprises dangerous, sharp, and hazardous materials. So for you to collect and discard them correctly, you need training and the right tools.

Without it, you can put yourself in grave danger. But lucky for us, there are post-construction cleaning services available to handle such tough jobs. They have the tools, training, and knowledge to dispose of the material properly.

3 Phases Of Post Construction Cleaning

Phase 1: Rough Cleaning

This phase of cleaning starts when the basic framing, plumbing, and electrical wiring are complete. The post-construction cleaners clear all the big chunks of debris off the site.

The debris mainly consists of leftover materials and items which can’t be vacuumed. Further, they sweep the ground of the site, clear off the trash and remove stickers.

Any problems found in this stage are reported to the construction manager so they can rectify them immediately. Lastly, this stage helps prepare the site for painting, flooring, and fixtures work to begin.

Phase 2: Final Clean

This stage is the most crucial one out of the three. Similarly, it also contains more cleaning work than the rest of the two phases. So, this stage first begins by repeating the steps of the previous phase.

In this stage, the cleaners clean each room like the kitchen, bedrooms, etc. from top to bottom. This also involves cleaning air ducts, sinks, showers, etc.

They perform more intensive cleaning using specialized tools and cleaning products. This ensures that the surfaces are thoroughly clean of dust, dirt, and germs.

Phase 3: Touch-Up Cleaning

This is the last stage of post-construction cleaning. The cleaners start this phase mainly when all the construction workers have left the site. Mainly it begins 4-5 days after the second phase of cleaning.

This phase of cleaning involves cleaning the surfaces and removing fingerprints or smudges of paint from them. Since they cleaned most of the dust off in the second phase, this phase is over quickly.

A good post-construction cleaning company will also make a snag list of places left to clean. Finally, once the cleaning is over, the property is ready for the owners to occupy.

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We hope you know the phases involved in the post-construction cleaning.

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