Off-Beat Window Cleaning Tips For You!

Apr 12, 2022 | Window Cleaning

It’s normal to wish your windows to be as pristine as the day they were originally placed, whether they’re old or new. Clear windows invite more sunlight inside your home and help you experience a connection to nature. However, figuring out how to perform window cleaning properly while preventing streaks and scratches can be difficult.

We frequently spend several hours washing and scrubbing windows only to have them seem virtually as dirty as they did before. Employing the right equipment and techniques, on the other hand, may make this time-consuming operation much easier, making your windows glistening clean and sparing you money over the long term.

Easy Tips For Window Cleaning 

Work On A Cloudy Day

clean windows on cloudy day

You could believe that the contrary is true, that with the sun flooding in, you could see the dust on the window. The sun, on the other hand, can cause the window cleaning fluid to dry too quickly, creating residues and stains. If you clean your glass on an overcast day, the cleaning liquid will stay on the glass till you swipe it away, leaving a bright streak-free sheen. Any window cleaning service would also prefer to clean your windows on a cloudy day to achieve the best results.

Clean From Top To Bottom

Clean windows From Top To Bottom

Clean your glass or screen from top to bottom should you wish it to be streak-free. Since the cleaning liquid has the potential to trickle, take the benefit of gravity and let the solvent drop into places you have still not cleansed. Start at the highest point and make your way downwards to ensure that no drops occur on the previously flawlessly clean glass panes. Professional window cleaning also involves this technique as it prevents the soiling of the cleaned portions.

Clean Corners With Cotton Swabs

window corner cleaning

Residue appears to accumulate in the edges of the window no matter what it takes, and getting to that deposit might be tough until you possess the correct instrument. Cotton swabs are perfect for scrubbing the hard-to-reach regions of your apartment’s window panes. It’s just the correct size which does the job! Window cleaning tips like this would help you achieve a more comprehensive cleaning than just a clean window glass.

Use A Squeegee


The easiest technique to guarantee a streak-free gloss is to be certain the glass is free of soapy water. To scrub away extra water, employ a rubber-bladed wiper tool over through the window from top to bottom. It is quite common to use a squeegee to remove excess water effectively while doing window cleaning at home.

Clean The Blinds With Tongs

window blinds

Washing the windows and treating the coatings at about the same period is a smart idea. Dust, filth, allergens, and dander are attracted if you have shutters, drapes, or blinds. Grab a pair of cooking tongs and roll microfibre towels over each edge of the slats, fastening them with elastic bands. With a simple sweep, you may now wipe down every single blind easily.

Clean The Frame First


A lot of filth can accumulate in the shutter’s rails and casings, and when combined with window cleaning solvent, it can result in an ugly muck that drips over the screen when washing. To eliminate the dirt, clean the rails with a brush and a sprinkling of vinegar and baking soda, then effectively eliminate any leftover substance with a moist rag.

What is the secret to streak-free windows?

Although if you follow all of the instructions to the point, such as combining vinegar with pure water and cleaning with newspapers, you may get an irritating line or two. In that scenario, the easiest method is to apply a fast buffing to complete the job. A cotton or microfiber napkin is the ideal cloth for the task, but a standard rag would work in a hurry.

Once you’re finished with window cleaning, ensure the rag you’re using is completely dry, and just buff over the difficult region. Those bothersome streaks will vanish right in front of your eyes, as if by magic!

Keeping ahead of the work makes it far easier, as it does in numerous instances of domestic cleaning and upkeep. The less filth and grime that accumulates on your glass, the lesser time you’ll have to invest in washing them.

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