How To Clean High Rise Windows From Outside?

Jun 23, 2021 | Window Cleaning

The window is one of the essential parts of every house as it gives a clear view of the outside nature view. But, cleaning a high rise window from outside can be a complicated task, that you try at your own risk. The size of the window can give you a brief idea about whether to seek professional help or not. 

You might be cleaning your window on a daily basis, but reaching every corner especially from the outer surface cannot be possible. Before you proceed to clean the window, consider your safety first, the height of the window, and the equipment required for cleaning. 

Moreover, before cleaning, study the weather forecast for that day. It will be a wise decision to get effective window cleaning results. Here, let’s focus on steps of how to clean the high rise windows from outside.

How To Clean High Rise Windows From Outside

Steps To Clean High Rise Window From Outside

♦ Materials and Tools required:

  • Large ladder
  • Different size tools for larger and smaller jobs
  • Cobweb brushes
  • Other Special Chemicals
  • Smaller and larger squeegee

However, the cleaning kit depends on whether you are engaged in residential cleaning or commercial cleaning.

♦ Steps:

  1. Using a long extension ladder, extract all the spider webs from the window edges with a cobweb brush. This brush will also remove the debris and rodents formed on the window. You can make use of a soft broom also with a long handle.
  2. Take a half bucket of water, add enough detergent to make a solution a bit slippery. Get your gear kit ready in case you need it while cleaning up the surface. Start washing your window thoroughly with water in a circular motion.
  3. Do not apply much water, as the excess liquid can make a mess that will slow down your work. If there is some hard water stain that cannot be removed using a simple solution, then spray the stain remover solution on it.
  4. In the cleaning kit, you will get toweling rags that will help you to dry the outer area. Soak the water around the frame of a window to create a dry border. For that, place your dry squeegee blade on the window corner and move from the left top corner to the right top corner.
  5. Dry the squeegee blade and repeat the same process from top to the bottom of the window. Wipe and dry the excess moisture available. You can add a finishing touch with micro-soft fiber cloth to dry the outer surface.

Wrap up:

To admire the beautiful look or view of the window, necessary steps should be taken by every homeowner. If you do not have time to clean your window or find it difficult to clean, seek professional help.

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