How To Clean Carpet Without Vacuum?

Dec 1, 2021 | Carpet Cleaning

Carpeted floors may be appealing, cozy, and pleasant, and safe for kids to play on. However, the carpet must be cleaned regularly to keep the room fresh. Besides this, cleaning removes dust, dirt, and debris that can make your space uncomfortable.

Vacuum cleaners are considered as the most effective carpet cleaning tool. However, if you want to clean your carpet without vacuum by professionals, then you can choose reliable Carpet Cleaning Services. These professionals can offer excellent quality cleaning service at budget-friendly prices.

Are You Looking For Alternative Ways For Carpet Cleaning?

Due to the high cost of owning a vacuum and the vacuum’s frequent breakdowns, vacuuming the carpets at home is becoming increasingly difficult. Besides this, as vacuum cleaners use a lot of electricity, they might be more expensive to run.

So, are you wondering about the alternative way for cleaning your carpet? Or do you want to avoid paying large energy bills and reduce noise pollution in the house? If yes, then there are many different ways of Cleaning a Carpet Without a Machine. Here, you can learn three best ways that will be helpful in cleaning carpet without a vacuum.

1. Clean the carpets with a broom

Cleaning the carpet with a broom is often considered an old technique, but an effective one. Sweep the dust in one direction on your carpet. Then, collect all the dirt and debris in one place. Moreover, a stiff brush is better for this thing to loosen the dirt particles from the carpets.

2. Use a packaging tape

To remove the hard stains from your carpet, you can use packaging tape. The stains like pet’s hair, dirt, dust, and spills are picked up by this tape from your carpet. Press the tape firmly on your carpet fibers. Then, once the tape starts loosening, remove it from the carpet area. This is a quick method to clean carpet stains whenever someone is going to arrive at your home.

3. Wash the carpets

If you want to deep clean your carpets to remove all stubborn stains and spills, then wash them. Add some mild detergent powder to a bucket filled with water. Dip your carpet in this bucket. Scrub the stains of the carpet. Then, clean it with pure water and allow it to dry for 4-6 hours.

Do You Want To Clean Carpet Without Vacuum By Professionals?

When you are looking to hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services, Atlantic Cleaning Co. is the prime choice. We hold years of experience in carpet cleaning with all types of methods and tools in Fall River and nearby areas.

Therefore, irrespective of cleaning carpet with or without vacuum, our professionals are always ready to serve you to their best knowledge. To get a free estimate, call us at 508-676-9084. Follow us on Facebook to stay updated with more tips on carpet cleaning.

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