How To Clean Area Rug On Wood Floor Without Damaging?

May 6, 2022 | Rug Cleaning

An area rug adds decor to the room and warmth to the feet. They help lessen the impact of traffic and scratches on floors, especially hardwood floors. Imagine lying on an area rug with coffee on a rainy afternoon. Sounds dreamy enough. But when this coffee spills, it instantly turns into a nightmare. And to clean an area rug on a wood floor is more than a nightmare.

You need much more than regular vacuuming to maintain the rugs. Over time, the rug fibers get sticky with grime and trap more dust. Area rugs endure traffic, pet dander, and whatnot all day long. Thus, often they need extensive cleaning. Learn how to clean an area rug on a wood floor.

Tips To Safely Clean Your Area Rug On Wood Floor

Sodium Bicarbonate Removes Stains

Take sizeable sodium bicarbonate and apply it directly to the stain. Use a damp cloth to clean these stains now. Make sure you do not pour water directly on the area rug.

Alternatively, you can add a slight amount of water to make a sodium bicarbonate paste. If you are dealing with stubborn stains, use an old clean toothbrush to brush them.

When satisfied with your cleaning, let it dry. Vacuum later, and your rug will be spotless.

Carpet Shampoo Removes Dirt

Make your DIY rug cleaning shampoo that matches your rug material. If you are dealing with oily stains, you can use daily dishwashing liquid with vinegar and warm water.

Apply it to the affected area after wetting the rug. Use a soft brush to spread the shampoo. Be careful not to soak the area rug. Gently brush the surface in one direction, wet enough to remove dirt.

 Mix water and white vinegar in equal parts when the stain fades away. Spray the mixture on the carpet. When applying the solution, take another brush and rub it in the opposite direction.

Use clean rags or towels to absorb most of the water from your carpet. Let it air dry.

Steam Cleaning Is The Fastest Way To Clean

Steam Cleaning the area rug when other methods have failed usually is the last resort to remove stains and stubborn grime. In addition, steam cleaning helps disinfect the surface by killing germs and other microorganisms using hot moisture.

You should use steam cleaning with great care, especially when dealing with an area rug installed on hardwood floors. The hot moisture penetrates through the small openings and reaches the wood. The hardwood floor in question needs to be completely covered and protected with a waterproof barrier.

Protect Your Wood Floor 

Now you know how to clean the area rug on the wood floor. But, also protect your wooden floor from water and cleaning agents, as these can get wet and damage your floor.

  • Do not use a lot of water.
  • If you need to fix the entire area rug, then roll it and install a waterproof barrier under it. It will help to protect the wood flooring.

Wrapping Up 

Area rugs are one of the pricey investments in the house. They add a touch of flair, comfort, and style to the interiors. One cannot resist the comfort it provides on a chilly night. The downside is that they need frequent cleaning. You might be vacuuming them frequently, but they need more than that.

Cleaning rugs is not challenging. But cleaning rugs placed on a wooden floor is tough. You cannot wet the hardwood floor excessively. The above methods help clean the area rugs easily without soaking them. Alternatively, you can clean them outdoors if possible. That way, wood floors will be safe.

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