An area rug adds decors to the room and warmth to the feet. It can help you to keep your wood floor safe, from home traffic, scratches, and stains. Over time, the surroundings of the area rug get dirty and as a result, they will give your home an odor and change the look. Whether they are made with wool, natural grass, or synthetic fibers, they need cleaning.

You can clean the inside or outside the rug yourself, as shown in this guide. Learn how to clean area rug on wood floor.

Tips To Safely Clean Your Area Rug On Wood Floor

Sodium Bicarbonate Removes Stains

Sodium Bicarbonate for cleaningTake a sizeable amount of sodium bicarbonate and apply it directly to the stain. Use a damp cloth to clean these stains now. Make sure you do not pour water directly on the carpet.

Alternatively, you can add a slight amount of water to make a sodium bicarbonate paste. If you are dealing with stubborn stains, use an old clean toothbrush to apply it on the stains.

When satisfied with your cleaning, let it dry. Vacuum later and your carpet will be clean and spotless.

Homemade Carpet Cleaning ShampooCarpet Shampoo Removes Dirt

Make your own rug cleaning shampoo that matches your rug material. If you are dealing with oily stains, you can use daily dishwashing liquid with vinegar and warm water.

Put this cleaning shampoo in the bucket and take the soft brush. Use it to spread the shampoo and careful not to soak the rug. Gently brush the surface in one direction, wet enough to remove dirt.

When the stain completely removes, dilute the solution of water and white vinegar in equal parts. Spray the mixture on the carpet. When you apply the shampoo, take another brush and rub it in the opposite direction.

Use clean rags or towels to absorb most of the water from your carpet. Let it air dry. If you are trying to clean dirty carpet, then it is a suitable method to use.

Steam Cleaning For CarpetSteam Cleaning Is The Fastest Way To Clean

Steam Cleaning the area rug when other methods have failed is usually the last resort to remove stains and hard dirt. In addition, steam cleaning helps disinfect the surface by killing germs and other microorganisms using hot moisture.

We should use steam cleaning with great care, especially when dealing with an area rug installed on hardwood floors. The hot moisture penetrates through the small openings and reaches the wood. The hardwood floor in question needs to be properly covered and protected from the waterproof barrier.

Protect Your Wood Floor 

Now you know how to clean area rug on wood floor. But, also protect your wooden floor from water and cleaning agents, as these can get wet and damage your floor.

  • Do not use a lot of water.
  • If you need to fix the entire area rug, then roll it and install a waterproof barrier under. This will helo to protect wood flooring.

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