How Often Should Your Public Restrooms Be Cleaned?

Jul 27, 2021 | Restroom Cleaning

As the manager of a restaurant, hotel, or other establishments. You are probably already familiar with the importance of maintaining a clean retail space and, more specifically a clean toilet. This is because cleanliness affects customer retention, employee well-being, and public health.

Depending on the type of work you do, you may wonder how often your restrooms need to be cleaned. You may be afraid that your restroom is often not cleaned enough to fight germs and bacteria or may be wondering if your cleaning team is more focused on restrooms than who would clean other areas of your workplace. 

Therefore, to schedule the cleaning of different areas, here are the tips on how often your public restrooms should be cleaned. 

How Often Should Your Public Restrooms Be Cleaned? 

The answer to this question is not as clear as you probably expected. This is because the restrooms depend on the industry and how many people use it. For example, a small office does not require a toilet to be constantly cleaned, as very few people use it. But if you run a noisy restaurant, it will require more attention. 

How often Should Your Public Restrooms be cleaned

Here Are A Few Suggestions On Cleaning Public Restrooms

♦ Clean Everyday

Do you run a gas station or a coffee shop in the middle of the city? Think about the flow of your traffic. In such a situation you need a regular cleaning maybe twice a day.

♦ Avoid Stains

Don’t wait until the bathroom starts to get dirty. Remember what we said earlier about the rest of the bacteria and germs? Be sure to sanitize and clean the space before it shows.

♦ Clean According To Traffic

Adjust your cleaning frequency to the amount of traffic your restroom has. Only clean and disinfect the bathroom once a day if you encounter foot traffic. The more people use your bathroom, the more often you should clean it. 

If you only clean once a day with a lot of traffic, you run the risk of turning your restroom into a pigsty, even in the middle of the day! Examples of different businesses that need frequent cleaning are restaurants, hotels, and airports. The proper method for cleaning restroom walls should also be followed.

♦ Keep It Stocked

Pay attention to the replacement frequency of items. How often do I need to replace toilet paper, paper towels, and hand soap? Never leave the restroom without these things. Based on this number, always replenish before stock runs out.

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