Step By Step Guide To Floor Stripping And Waxing

Mar 5, 2021 | Floor Stripping and Waxing

Despite using periodic cleaning processes like vacuuming and cleaning with an auto scrubber, floors will sooner or later get damaged and start to look worn. Sadly, the regular cleaning processes only work for a said period.

The top of your floor is included with a finish to shield it from wear and harm. However, through the years they will begin to build up dust, scratches, foot visitors, and water damages.

The ground finish wears down and periodic techniques are no longer enough to restore your floor’s shine. While this occurs, it’s possibly time to strip and wax your facility’s floor.

Floor stripping and waxing are time-consuming and pricey. But if finished well, it can revive your ground’s appearance and guard them against future harm. Since it’s a tough job, it’s important to hire reliable floor stripping and waxing companies.

But, there are several mistakes you regularly make when stripping the end from the flooring. It’s vital to be aware of the usual errors so your staff can keep away from remodeling and irreparable harm to difficult flooring.

To recover your flooring from water damages, why not try floor stripping and waxing services? Professional floor stripping and wax specialists help keep your floor in good shape with their services.

Floor Stripping And Waxing

Step By Step Guide To Floor Stripping And Waxing

⇒ Apply the stripper
⇒ Permit it to sit down for 10 to 15 minutes
⇒ Use Roto machine to scrub floors
⇒ Edging using hand to overlook any difficult to reach spots
⇒ Wet vac all stripper
⇒ Neutralize the ground with a citric acid-based product
⇒ Moist vac the neutralizer
⇒ Mop and moist vac once more
⇒ Use air movers to dry floors absolutely
⇒ We dry dirt mop the ground
⇒ Observe 3 layers of end and we’re done! protective the ground

Want Your Flooring To Look Sparkling New? Hire Experts!

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