FAQ On Janitorial Cleaning Services

Mar 1, 2022 | Janitorial Cleaning Services

Janitorial cleaning services are of importance when it comes to keeping a large commercial place clean.

A huge amount of crowd and constant usage of washrooms make them dirty. A restroom needs to be spotless clean to keep the morale of the working staff high. Also, it puts a positive impression on the clients and visitors.

If you’re considering Atlantic Cleaning Co. cleaning services, you’re bound to have some questions, that is why we’ve done our utmost to address the majority of common ones on this FAQ page.

Top Asked Questions About Janitorial Cleaning Services

ℚ: Why should I hire janitorial companies near me?

Atlantic Cleaning Company is much more than a cleaning service. Our employees and associates are analytical minds who can evaluate and complete even the most challenging cleaning assignments.

We collaborate effectively with clients to create professional cleaning plans that deliver the greatest degree of cleanliness at an affordable price.

In the cleaning sector, we have an established history of expertise and exceptional service. Our brand has a great value to play whenever you seek one out of many Janitorial Companies Near You.

ℚ: Do I need to provide cleaning supplies?

No. You are not obliged to offer any cleaning supplies or apparatus to the cleaning team. Commercial janitorial companies usually carry their cleaning supplies and equipment.

To ensure that our treatment is efficient, the cleaning staff uses commercial quality equipment and cleaning agents.

However, if you like that we choose particular preferred products, just inform the staff ahead of time and they shall try our best to fulfill your requests since customers’.

Customer satisfaction is among our primary objectives.

ℚ: Who will be cleaning my facility?

To deliver the greatest solutions, Atlantic Cleaning Co.’s cleaning personnel is certified, bonded, and receives ongoing training.

To guarantee responsibility and stewardship, the cleaning crew is also targeted to individual places. On-demand, we may also provide hourly cleaning staff. You must always employ insured and bonded janitorial cleaning companies.

ℚ: Do you pay your cleaners a fair wage?

When it pertains to commercial janitorial cleaning services near me, it’s no wonder that a person thinking this will get how much they spend.

To guarantee that our personnel isn’t ever enticed to take shortcuts on the housekeeping chores, we pay them fair compensation. Because of the compensation we provide, all of our staff are driven and treat the duties sincerely.

ℚ: Are you fully insured?

Atlantic Cleaning Co.’s janitorial staff is fully covered, and evidence of insurance can be provided upon demand.

To safeguard your possessions and avoid being made responsible for any mishaps, you must generally deal with protected cleaning agencies. This safeguards both yourself and your staff members, and also our personnel.

These and many more questions typically arise in our client’s minds when they have to hire professional janitorial services. If any of your questions remain unanswered, feel free to reach out.

We will make sure to solve each of your queries to your satisfaction.

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