The Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

Apr 26, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning

Due to the regular soiling of the carpet, it often requires deep cleaning. However, the cleaning technique you choose affects the overall results you receive. Therefore, choosing the right method for your carpet matters a lot when it comes to effective cleaning.

Although the best carpet cleaning methods will vary based on the different carpet materials, here are some of the most recommended ones.

The 4 Most Effective Carpet Cleaning Techniques

1. Hot Water Extraction

This method uses hot water, combined with a cleaning solution, which is projected with pressure into the fabrics of the carpet. This force of hot water, when combined with its temperature, agitates the fibers and picks up all the dirt, stubborn stains, germs, and other impurities present on its surface and the layers underneath.

Then, the water injected into the fibers is immediately sucked with high pressure to pull out all the loosened dirt and bacteria.

This process is repeated until all the dirt and moisture from the carpet are removed.

Hot water extraction is proficient in cleaning it thoroughly and deeply, cleaning even highly soiled carpets effectively.

However, it requires the usage of a lot of water and takes a considerable time to dry after cleaning. Thus, even though it is appropriate for most carpet types, it is not recommended for those which restrict saturation.

2. Carpet Steam Cleaning

This method is a slightly different variation of hot water extraction but the difference lies in the temperature used for cleaning. This technique uses extremely high temperatures of water vapors (to the extent that the water should boil to produce steam) to eliminate dirt and bacteria from the carpet.

It does not necessarily use any chemicals since the boiling temperature itself is sufficient enough to loosen up the stains, ingrained dirt, and dust mites.

Steam cleaning removes over 90% of dirt, bacteria, and allergens while also neutralizing odors. So it is, by far, one of the best carpet cleaning methods being safe and effective at the same time.

However, this should be taken care of as the steam may harm certain delicate types of carpet materials. Also, note that if the moisture caused by steam is not removed thoroughly can cause mold issues later.

3. Carpet Shampooing

Mainly, the carpet shampooing method is used to clean heavily soiled carpets, i.e., for deep cleaning. In this technique, a cleaning solution containing shampoo is applied onto the carpet with a rolling brush which also keeps agitating the fibers during application.

This dirty moisture mixed with the applied solution is sucked up into a separate tank while repeating this process sectionally.

This technique lacks proper rinsing and does not provide the benefits of deep cleaning, leaving some traces of shampoo remnants in its fibers. So, it is essential to be done by experts providing thorough rinsing with no residues.

4. Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning also known as compound cleaning is the latest cleaning technology. In this method, the cleaning compound or powder is applied to work on the carpet with the help of the rotating machine. This machine opens the carpet fibers and allows the cleaning compound to settle deep into the carpet stains.

When left to rest, the cleaning compound in dry carpet cleaning effectively absorbs all dirt and odor particles lying inside the carpets. Then, this compound is fully removed from the carpet through vacuuming. So, no use of water or drying process is needed in it. Mainly, this method is safe to use on all carpets and environment friendly too.


When looking for the best approach for carpet cleaning, there cannot be a single answer. Every technique has its pros and cons. Therefore, based on the condition and type of your carpet’s material, the cleaning technique for your carpet may vary.

And this can be best recommended by the experts of professional carpet cleaning services as they are experienced enough in dealing with various types of carpet and their soiling.

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