Carpets always enhance the look of your house, but it also faces a lot of foot traffic daily. These carpets attract dust, food stains, pet urine, and other contaminants from your home. Sometimes you can clean the carpet stains on your own, but for hard stains, you need a professional touch. Also, you see many carpet cleaning methods online that can suit your carpet.

Learn here the best 3 methods and also the comparison of carpet cleaning methods among them.

Know Here 3 Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

⇒ Hot Water Extraction Method

Hot Water Extraction Method

This method is also known as the steam carpet cleaning method. Because it uses hot water which is projected with high pressure on the carpet. The force of hot water will remove all the dirt, stains, and impurities present inside the fibers of your carpet. Before washing the carpet with hot water, a cleaning solution is applied to it and then it is scrubbed with a soft-bristle brush. Once the carpet is rinsed with water, allow it to fully dry.

⇒ Carpet Shampooing

Mainly, the carpet shampooing method is used to clean heavily soiled carpets. In this technique, shampoo is applied to the dirty stains and hard particles present on the carpets. Then, leave the wet foam of shampoo on the carpets for drying. But, this shampoo foam turns into a sticky form after drying. As we do not rinse the carpet in this method, the foam settled on the carpet can also cause mold. So, it is the least preferred cleaning technique.

⇒ Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning also known as compound cleaning is the latest cleaning technology. In this method, the cleaning compound or powder is applied to the bottom part of the carpet with the help of the rotating machine. This machine opens the carpet fibers and allows the cleaning compound to settle deep into the carpet stains. Professionals use the bio-degradable material in the cleaning compound which works like micro-sponges.

The cleaning compound in dry carpet cleaning effectively removes all dirt laying in the carpets. Then, after this compound is fully removed from the carpet. So, no use of water or drying process is needed in it. Mainly, this method is safe to use on all carpets & used in commercial offices.

Thinking To Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services?

Then, call a professional like Atlantic Cleaning Co. located at Fall River to refresh the look of your carpets. Our experts will first inspect the carpet stain and then apply the best carpet cleaning methods to it.