COVID-19 Update

Let’s Beat COVID-19 Together

Many people require cleaning services for their home or commercial space, but they don’t hire any cleaning company. We understand that you don’t want to get affected by COVID-19 is the only reason.

Therefore, Atlantic Cleaning Co is taking care of its employees to deliver safe cleaning and sanitization services to save their customers.

What Protective Measures Do We Take While Cleaning?

We believe that to save others, we should take care of ourselves first. We follow every safety guidelines provided to fight against the COVID-19. Here are the safety gadgets that we use.

  • Protective Uniform
  • Glows
  • Goggles
  • Rubber-soled shoes
  • Face Mask
This is just to save our employees. Besides that, we are also taking care of our equipment by sanitizing them before and after performing any cleaning operation. Our cleaning agents are EPA approved and soft on your property. This is because our aim is to protect you and your property against germs and damage.

Our Cleaning & Sanitizing Services List Includes:

We also want to advise our customers to be safe and keep your surrounding area sanitized. Give special attention to doorknobs, countertops, keyboards, toys, vehicles, and each and every object that can be in contact with others and become a corona hotspot.

If you are in any cleaning needs don’t forget Atlantic Cleaning Co is working 24×7 to give you safe and sanitized cleaning services. Till then, be safe, healthy, and corona free.

What Client Say

“This is a fantastic company!! We scheduled to have our carpets cleaned and they came right on time with a smile and positive attitudes…”

Coryn Rego

“Gabe and his staff cleaned an office, common area, and 3 bathrooms. Carpets were cleaned not long ago, and stains that had remained are completely gone…”

Jeanne Padilla

“Gabe is very professional and very knowledgeable in using the best techniques in providing Covid-Safe environment in the workplace! I highly recommend Atlantic…”

Diane Correia